Amazon rumored to release Samsung-built tablet this summer

Things are certainly about to get more heated between Apple and Samsung (along with Amazon) this summer if this rumor turns out to be true. That rumor is that Amazon will be releasing a Samsung-built tablet in a few months.

According to Peter Rojas, the former editor of Engadget who is now over atGDGT, it’s already an “open secret that Amazon is working on an Android tablet,” and he is “99%” sure that Samsung is responsible for the hardware.

It’s got to be an Android tablet, but Honeycomb already seems out of the running as Amazon will likely utilize “Android as a base upon which to build a totally customized experience that tightly integrates Amazon services.” There aren’t any other specifics as to processors,

However, we could probably assume this is a 7-inch slate, which could end up looking like another Samsung Galaxy Tab, but also more like Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color. The latter is basically either a tricked-out e-book reader or a very simple tablet. Nevertheless, the Nook Color is still a tablet in some sense, making it the most likely base idea and competitor for Amazon’s new tablet. The name “Kindle Color” might be too obvious, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly what it turns out to be.

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