New Wii U Nintendo announced at E3

Nintendo has just unveiled the Wii U, the gaming giant’s next-generation console. The much-anticipated console was unveiled at Nintendo’s E3 press conference in Los Angeles.

Iwata talks Wii U at E3

Nintendo Global President Satoru Iwata teased the audience before the announcement. He told the audience that Nintendo’s goal with its new console is to make a system that will appeal to both hardcore and casual gamers.

“The goal of innovation is to serve every player — then though each brings to video games an individual appetite, a personal passion and a distinct gaming history,” Iwata said.

The console’s controller utilizes a touchscreen that can play games on its own. Its augmented reality system allows for direct interaction between the touchscreen and the television. It has a 6.2-inch screen with two analog controllers, a gyroscope and a front-facing camera. The controller isn’t a portable gaming device though — it gets its images streamed wirelessly from the console.

Nintendo demonstrated the power of the Wii U controller in a series of videos. One demo showed a user throwing ninja stars from the controller directly onto the TV. Another one showed the controller on the ground and a user using it as a golfing green surface with the Wiimote. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime also announced one of the titles in development for Wii U: Lego City StoriesBatman: Arkham CityTom Clancey’s Ghost ReconTekkenNinja Gaiden 3 and Metro Last Light are also in development for the Wii U.

The console is backward-compatible with Nintendo Wii games and the Nintendo Wii controllers. In fact, some games can utilize both controllers, creating a new myriad of gameplay possibilities. The console will be available sometime in 2012.

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