E-Paper to Launch

Electronic Paper Will Launch In Europe Next Month



As of next month you’ll be able to buy an electronic paper display (EPD) to read your newspaper on courtesy of electronics company LG. This digital paper will have a six inch display with a 1024×768 screen and will be 0.7mm thick or “as slim as cell phone protection film.” It can bend at an angle of 40 degrees and weighs 14g.

The idea is that it’s more durable (it’s scratch resistant and can be dropped from a height of 1.5 metres) and thinner than lugging around an e-book, will consume less electricity, and will be cheaper because of this.

E-paper is one of those futuristic devices that when you pictured the future as a kid, you’d see people sitting around reading in the back of a flying taxi. And now it’ll be here (in Europe anyway) in under a month.

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