Blackberry Music Gateway

To kick off the annual BlackBerry World trade show, Research In Motion unveiled a gadget, the BlackBerry Music Gateway, that bridges your phone with your stereo. Just pair your BlackBerry (or competing handset) via Bluetooth, and you’ll be quickly streaming music to whatever audio system it’s connected to.

Wait, pairing? Isn’t that why Bluetooth streaming hasn’t really taken off? Actually, it’s more complicated than that, but never fear: RIM has made the pairing simple by using yet another wireless technology: near-field communication (NFC).

Although NFC gets a lot of headlines for its application in mobile payments, it actually has a lot of other uses, insanely easy Bluetooth pairing being one of them. Just hold up your NFC-equipped BlackBerry to the Gateway, and — Bam! — you’re connected. Other Bluetooth phones can stream to the Gateway, but the NFC pairing is apparently BlackBerry-only.

SEE ALSO: RIM’s Secret Weapon for Reviving BlackBerry: HTML5RIM is far from the first to come out with a wireless music adapter, but few Bluetooth products so far have the NFC-pairing feature (Parrot’s Zik headphones, which we caught a glimpse of at CES, are another).

The gadget is very small, about the size of a case of dental floss, so it should be easily tucked out of sight somewhere near your stereo. It connects to a stereo either via RCA connectors or a 3.5mm minijack, getting power via USB, letting it transition from home to car fairly easily.

The BlackBerry Music Gateway goes on sale in June for $49.99.

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