Disney Research Zurich has introduced a technology that its team calls a “new physical face-cloning method.” In other words, it can make animatronic faces that no longer resemble Chucky. It allows them to capture a whole new level of detail and accuracy in expressions. The video explains the process, from 3D capturing of a person’s expression to the fabrication and modeling of the face.

“Creating such figures is a difficult and labor-intensive process requiring manual work of skilled animators, material designers, and mechanical engineers,” the researchers said. But it’s clear that the hard work yields amazing results. The face cloning method could be applied to the animatronic figures at Disney attractions, such as those in the Hall of Presidents.

It’s one of many recent developments in technology by the “imagineers” at Disney. One of the most recent areas of interest for the company is the power of touch control, with investigations into the capability to turn anything into a touch-enabled surface and the ability to turn plants into touch sensors.




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