Amazon cloud Drive Announced….

Amazon on Tuesday launched cloud Drive and Cloud Player for Web and Android—
3 Services that allow you to store music in a repository and play on the Web and smartphones.
Among the key points:
  • You can upload your library.
  • Anyone that bought an Amazon MP3 can get 20GB for free.
  • Mac and PC compatible.
  • On Android, the Cloud Player is an update to the Amazon MP3 app.
  • Everyone starts with 5GB of Cloud Drive storage.
  • Cloud Drive uses Amazon Web Services S3.
  • Plans start at 20GB for $20 a year and basically run $1 a year per GB.

With the move Amazon gets the jump on other services that are likely from Apple and Google.  The Cloud Drive is very easy to use. It’s essentially the consumerization of Amazon Web Services..

More details at:

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  1. Truly innovative, but the music industry is upset and the threat of suits have begun. This is going to be very interesting how this plays out.

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