Barbie & Ken are reunited using Social Media

A shout out to my Mattel peeps.  I remember back in the day when I worked there, there were jokes that Barbie was seeing G.I. Joe on the side (of course, I worked in Hot Wheels such comments were never made on the Barbie team). Then alas, Barbie and Ken “broke up.”  In Barbieland it was a big deal. Very controversial. What message did that send?

Does it even really send a message?  Beleive it or not, it did not sit well with some Moms and collectors alike.  Well, via social media the couple has reunited.  This is a creative campaign and great integration with social media.  Good job Mattel! So, I guess Barbie finally dumped GI Joe.  You know how those soliders are, a woman in every city. (just kidding, I love our troops, all is said in jest).

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