Men in Black III – Lingering Script Problems Slow Production

Now that Men in Black III is once again filming in New York after an interruption in the already-unconventional schedule due to lingering script problems, we’ve seen a few set photos recently.  These have included the first look at Josh Brolin, who is playing a younger version of Agent K in scenes involving Will Smith‘s Agent J traveling back in time to the 1960’s.  Tommy Lee Jones will again play K in contemporary scenes, but some new set photos from The Brooklyn Paper show some more of Smith, Brolin, and the 60s setting.  Take a peek right here.

On locoation at the old Relish Diner in Williamsburg, VA

The Brooklyn Paper article reasonably concludes that the last image depicts, “funky stand-ins covered with lightbulbs to help create the computer-generated magic.”  That makes sense, but if you remember back to the first Men in Black, there’s an early scene just after J and K meet up with pawnbroker Jeebs (Tony Shaloub), when a pair of pair of people adorned in black outfits and lightbulbs quickly ride by on a tandem bicycle.  Given the specificity of that moment, I’d say we’ll see those two in the new film as they appear in the picture.

The film sees the return of franchise director Barry Sonnenfeldwho has not directed a film since 2006’s RV.  Also on board for the film are Rip Torn, Emma Thompson, Jemaine Clement, Alice Eve, and Nicole Scherzinger.  Men in Black III is set for May 25, 2012, just about a full decade since Men in Black II.  This new sequel will, of course, hit screens in 3D

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