Super Bowl Ads 2012: Here Are The Winners And Losers

There’s fascinating disconnect between which advertisers  the media thinks did well on last night’s Super Bowland what the research  says was effective.

To hear the  business press tell it, Clint Eastwood’s “Halftime  in America” spot rocked  the house. It was indeed a great spot from a creative point of view.

But it didn’t even show up in the Ace  Metrix Top 10. Ace Metrix measures a panel of 500  consumers who watch ads and rate them for effectiveness. That research says Doritos’  sling baby ad won the night.

It was also a big night for dogs. Volkswagen’s much anticipated follow-up to  its little Darth Vader spot from last year used an obese  dog getting in shape to gets its revenge on a VW it wanted to chase down the  street (and then somehow ended up in the Star Wars cantina scene).

Skechers used a dog — Mr.  Quiggly — in a greyhound race.

As did Bud Light, whose appeal with Weego,  a rescue dog, was heartwarming.

So did Doritos, in another comedic appeal revolving around the whole Dogs  v. Cats war.

There weren’t any total disasters  — last year both Groupon  and HomeAway  had to apologize for their ads — but there were some failures in the sense that  clients ads bored people or went unnoticed.

Chase ran an ad that for the life of me I can’t recall even though I am  paid to remember these things. And TaxACT’s  ad, featuring a kid who urinates in a swmming pool, was disgusting.


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